My name is Jay Kay and I’m using this site to tell a story as well as maybe help some of you with cooking recipes focused primarily around the life of a diabetic.

When I was 25 years old (I’m told I’m 34 now) I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Prior to my diagnosis I didn’t understand what it meant when someone said, “you are what you eat” or other odd statements around the diet of people.  As it turns out though, a diabetic knows better than most how food affects the human body and generally speaking what and how to eat for a healthy life.

As diabetics, we know how we SHOULD eat, but not always how to MAKE the dishes!  Personally, I’ve adopted a similar mantra to that of Shia Labeouf’s “just do it!”, but more “just try it!”.  Speaking more about recipes than about accomplishing life goals.

You see… A perfect diabetic person eats the way most people should eat (varying only portions or adjusting for allergies, etc…).  So as I find recipes that I like and that fit within the realm of healthy eating, it’s my plan to share that here.

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